Mad Mike and Mark

After the success of the first four episodes of Mad Mike and Mark currently screened on Animal Planet around the world, Mike and I were contracted to produce another six series, which we filmed for most of 2004. Unlike the first series, which was made exclusively in Northern Botswana, the new episodes were shot in Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa. All locations were chosen because of the excellent wildlife interactions they had to offer at the time of the shoot.

The new episodes, which have started appearing on Animal Planet have many thrilling sequences.

  • In Kenya, a cheetah actually jumps into our 4X4 …..
  • We get so close to rhino in Zambia, we can virtually count their eyelashes
  • Creeping in amongst 40 000 seals on the Skeleton Coast, Namibia
  • Watching great whites hunt in Simonstown, South Africa
  • Diving with the seals – the main food source of the great white shark – knowing that at any moment a shark could appear

The new episodes are packed with action, from Mike and I jumping in tandem and swinging more than 100m from the ground, riding in helipcopters and hot air balloons , white water rafting, and even camouflaging ourselves by rolling in mud in an attempt to get up close and personal, undetected, with some crocs.